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Be Wary

There is a select group of VAX-D providers across the country. This is due to the high cost of the machine. So before you invest your money and time in your health, make sure you know your facts. Make sure you select a doctor who has been certified in decompression and knows the latest research. One who just specializes in the treatment of disc's. More than to many times, we have gotten patients who comes to us in more pain, because they went to someone who doesn't know much about treating discs. At the Long Island decompression center, we don't just put you on a machine and push a button. There is a certain protocol we follow and that's why we have the success we have..

Because of VAX-D’s success in treating various back and neck conditions, other companies have tried to copy its technology. So just like in any other industry, you have good products and bad products. To this day, VAX-D is the only device shown in clinical research to decompress the discs to negative levels (Ramos G., Martin W. Journal of Neurosurgery). It makes you wonder how others make this claim. In addition, patients on VAX-D are treated in a face down position. By having patients treated face down, we have found that we have much better outcomes. In addition, we have found it to cause less discomfort.

VAX-D is also the only medical device that delivers treatment with the patented logarithmic decompression curve!

The results with VAX-D are real, and based upon research published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Despite what you hear, other decompression devices are not equally effective. While other spinal decompression devices claim to do what VAX-D does, VAX-D has clinically demonstrated its ability to lower intradiscal pressure to a negative range. This effect is crucial to actually enabling injured discs to heal.

Recently, the Department of Justice has stepped up its efforts to stop other companies from false advertising their products. The claims these companies were making, were not true.

Some recent articles in the news about the DRX


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McInerney & Jones Law

McInerney & Jones Law firm Investigating Possible Class Action Against Makers of DRX9000 Axiom Worldwide


Maryland State Board

Maryland State Board says “Beware of the DRX9000 Advertising Promo"

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