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Why VAX-D is Different

VAX-D has proven research behind it. Dr. Alan Deyer, MD who invented the machine developed a pull-release pattern that proved more effective to the disc, than traditional traction.

VAX-D employs the original patented technology from which spinal decompression was born. This is due to the way the machine was built. The VAX-D machine uses an actuator motor, instead of a modified cable winch motor. This in turn makes it’s more sophisticated. Other machines have winch type motor system. These winch type motor systems are comprised of a cable wrapped around a spool like fishing reel. Function wise, other machines don’t decompress. They simply pull and let go.

On the other hand, the VAX-D’s sophisticated actuator motor, is manufactured with internal sensors that provide feedback. This means that it has the capability of setting its pull-release forces by poundage, and by distance. This allows the muscles to relax around the spine so as to bypass the typical ‘lock-down’ muscle guarding. With the patient's muscles relaxed, the spine can be decompressed. This is critical in lowering intradiscal pressure to a negative range.

As noted before, this effect is critical to actually enabling an injured disc to heal. On a clinical note, patients who: are in spasm from an injured disc, have post surgical tissue sensitivity, and geriatric issues, can be treated much more safely. This is an excellent safety feature. In addition, VAX-D treats patients face down. Face-down is generally the ideal position to treat, because it allows gravity to assist in the repositioning of the disc.

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